Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top Tips for Engaging Latinos at Retail during Holiday Media Frenzy

Let’s face it, executing successful holiday retail campaigns is brutal. Inboxes and newsfeeds are saturated with promotional offers as we are inundated with incessant messages from big retailers with massive marketing budgets. 

However, simple, cost-effective, and easily-executable campaigns targeting specific cultural customer segments can work well to cut through the holiday clutter and yield powerful results. 

The Commons Mall, located in a diverse suburb near Seattle called on Latina Creative Agency (LCA) to devise a campaign to help build engagement, lure new followers and fuel sales during a busy, media-cluttered season. (LCA) devised a campaign specifically targeting Latinos that not only yielded strong results, it also serves up a great line-up of tips retailers can test-drive throughout the holidays. 

Commons/LCA Case Study & Key Tips for Retailers:

Tight Targeting
Target using a tight radius (The Commons campaigns utilized a tight, 10-mile radius surrounding their property.)

Creative Assets
When possible, use established/existing creative from other marketing initiatives to optimize efficiencies, brand consistency and affordability. (LCA pulled creative assets from their general advertising campaigns and repurposed accordingly.) 

Promotional Offer
Keep it simple and make it worthy. (The Commons served up a simple, yet compelling $500 gift card “chance to win” contest.)

Additional Reach
Layer in regional media such as TV, radio and social to optimize reach, yet maintain affordability. (The Commons added local Spanish-language television, radio and limited social to drive awareness and contest entries.) 

Optimize Hashtags & URL’s for Native Language of your Target Ensure that all hashtags and URL’s are friendly to the native language of your target market segment. While, this seems fundamental, it is worth a double- check prior to executing campaigns. (LCA coached The Commons to use relevant hashtags such as #ESCUELA – meaning “school”, during a back-to-school campaign vs. other less relevant choices. They also helped improve the URL’s shared via TV and radio to be shorter, more easily remembered and Spanish-language friendly.) Go Mobile

According to Entrepreneur Magazine – 84% of consumers relied on mobile devices to search for promotions, price compare, find gift ideas, read customer reviews and more in 2014. Retailers need to harness the power of mobile to connect with customers before they walk in the door and while they are browsing. In location marketing is vital during the busy holiday season. 

Powerful Results:
Over a two week period, the campaign achieved the following: 

  • 5,431 contest entries 
  • Facebook followers increased by 19% 
  • 22,846 impressions , the average engagement percentage for every post was 22%

Latino Market Opportunity 

  • 54 million Hispanics living in the US-July 1, 2103, 17% of total US population (US Census)
  • By 2060, the Latino population in the US with double (US Census)
  • 1.2 trillion buying power in 2013, projected increased to 1.5 trillion in 2014, a 50% increase from 2010 (Nielsen, 2014)
  • Latinos spend 12 billion yearly on clothing (Neilsen, 2014)
  • Latinos spend 6 billion on children’s clothing yearly (Nielsen, 2014)
  • Spanish language broadcast TV reaches 4X more Spanish language dominant Hispanics (Nielsen, 2011)
  • -Google search queries in Spanish language for the term “retail” increased 210% (Google-Hispanic Trending)

Link to Report

As the holiday shopping season approaches retailers can deploy these tactics to engage Latino (and other cultural segments) directly and cut through the holiday marketing messaging mayhem. 

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